Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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If your ducts are outdated or rarely maintained, your property's air quality will suffer. If you've noticed an increase in allergy symptoms or dust, you should have an HVAC contractor look at your ductwork. Comfort Solutions, Inc. in Clarksville and Jeffersonville, IN can ensure that your ductwork is free from contaminants.

We can also install an air filtration system to reduce contaminant buildup. Count on us to replace or modify old ductwork. Well-maintained ductwork will help guarantee that your HVAC equipment works properly.

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Why you should install an ultraviolet light system.

Why you should install an ultraviolet light system.

Ultraviolet lights are a great addition to any air filtration system. UV lighting can kill viruses and bacteria. It also prevents mold growth. This technology is commonly used by hospitals, restaurants and grocery stores, and it can be used to sanitize your property, too.

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